Saturday, 13 October 2018

2018 Playlist #7

Hey Guys!

I never really know how to intro this post, it is just all the music I have been loving at the moment, hope you find something you like.
There are loads of great songs on this playlist, I have been finding loads of new artists like MAY and Wet and Layla, they are such great artists and there songs are amazing. There is lots of other great songs including the new Marshmello and Bastille song and Lauv.
Song of the moment: My song of the moment is You should see me with a crown by Billie Eilish. I absolutely love Billie Eilish, she has such an amazing voice and her songs are so good, and it amazes me that she is only 16! I can't wait to hear a full album when it finally comes out.
Album of the moment: I have been loving the new Ariana Grande album Sweetener, it might actually be my favourite Ariana album. It has so many great songs on it, I have been listening to it on repeat. I would have to say my favourite has to be goodnight n go which is part of an Imogen Heap song which Ariana has re-worked, I just love it, although there are so many great songs on it.

What have you been listening recently? Let me know.
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