Wednesday, 19 September 2018

2018 Favourites #5

Hey Guys!
Happy Hump Day! I figured today was a great time to catch up on my 2018 favourites.
Fashion Faves

Red heeled loafers
I have been wearing these a lot recently, I saw them when I was shopping with Paige for her birthday and pretty much had to have them! I have been wearing them to work mainly, and they are just really cute. One thing I will say...they actually gave me blisters this week for no reason whatsoever! I had been wearing them for a weeks and they hadn't bothered me, so I am persisting with them, they are too pretty to not wear.

Grey culottes
I love these trousers. I had wanted a pair of culottes for work cause they are comfy, but also can be dressed up quite easily. Theses are so comfy, they are great for work cause they are so easy to wear. I have worn them with just trainers and a t-shirt ad heels and a nice blouse, they really are the great all-rounder.
Ankle boots
It is getting to boots and sweater season (which I am buzzing for...even if it means I will be cold till June) and that means new boots. I love these, again great for work, but also great for everyday. Slight negative is that they to rattle when I walk, but to be honest you get used to it. I really love them with skirts and dresses, they look really cute!

Rainbow trousers
I am totally in love with these trousers! I have done a full post on them here but thanks to Megan Ellaby I have not had these off. I have worn them to work, I have worn them at the weekend...essentially if I can wear them I am wearing them!
Beauty Faves

Eyewake serum*
I have issues with my eyes, one I have really big eyes so they are hard to hide, I have really sensitive skin and I also get quite dark circles which I can never seem to hide. I thought I would try this eye serum and I am really liking it and I am really noticing a difference. It is really light on and easy to use which means I can really get it all round my eyes. I think it really has started reducing the dark circles, but that could just be me. The main thing that I like is that it is so gentle on my skin, it is so soft and has not caused me any problems so far.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Hair products
I have super dry hair due to the fact it is so dyed and damaged. I have tried loads of different shampoo, conditioners and hair masks and never really found something that actually makes my hair feel soft...until now. I love all of these products!! Firstly, they smell amazing, it is lovely. All the products make my hair feel amazing, my favourite has to be the treatment, it just makes my hair feel so soft and I love it!

Maybelline Tattoo Brow
I have been meaning to try this for ages. I like a bold brow, and have quite naturally dark brows so I like to try and showcase them as much as possible. Paige had noticed this ages ago, it it essentially an at-home tint, which means you can tint them at home it is really easy to use, you 'paint' it on, leave for up to 3 hours (depending on how dark you want them...I like them dark) and then peel off and it lasts for 3-5 days, which is great. Even when you leave it the three hours your brows still look really natural. It is really easy to use and makes your brow look amazing!
Alya Skin Pink Clay mask
I really struggle with my pores and blackheads and have been looking a mask to help for ages. I had heard loads about Australian pink clay but never tried it until this. I am really impressed, my skin always feels amazing after I use it and I really have noticed a difference!

Lifestyle Faves

To All The Boys I've Loved Before
Photo Credit -
Netflix has been killing it with the movie recently, but this might be my new fave! It is an adaptation from a book about Lara Jean who writes love letters to boys she has had a crush, but never sends them. When one day they get out she has to deal with love and boys and all sorts. The story is so lovely and the characters are so relatable. It is just such a lovely feel-good Noah Centineo is super dreamy!!

Aldi Cereal
I have been loving this cereal, I take it into the office with me and have it every morning. It is so tasty and really sets me up for the day. It is also under £2 so winning!!

Bake Off
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This time of the year is great for TV, there are so many shows coming back including Bake off! I love bake off, it is just such a fun and easy watch! I am really enjoying this years contestants, and I am a huge Noel Fielding fan so getting to see him on TV regularly is great!

Photo Credit -
Another great new TV show, it is only a 6 part thing but I am loving it! It is about the Bodyguard of the Home Secretary and how things go on in that world (granted a little more dramatic). I have been on the edge of my seat watching this, it is so nail-biting, I can't wait to see what happens next! Plus Richard Madden with is Scottish accent is really sexy!
That's my current faves! What have you been loving recently? Let me know! 
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