Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Monthly Mani #30 & #31

Hey Guys!

First off, I am so sorry I have been so crap at blogging recently. Between moving and work it has been pretty hectic recently and I just haven't had a minute to actually sit down and sort out blog posts. I really wanted to get back on track with it but after the hectic few weeks, I also needed some time to just do nothing and take time to myself, but now I am back into it I promise! Anyway as I am a little behind there will be a couple of posts like this that have 2 posts in one.

I have had a couple of appointments with Katy and rather than get even further behind with my monthly mani's I thought I would but the las two in this one handy post (pardon the pun), so here are July & August's mani's!
July's mani   
In July Katy had new colours, so I figured the best way to try them was to get a simple accent nail two of them!!
I opted for this lovely silverly/grey glitter on my ring fingers and then just a simple grey on all the other nails. I loved this look and I actually got loads of compliments! Another thing I loved about these two colours was they made my nails look really long, which is always a bonus!
August's mani
This month I had to bring my nails back down a bit, I had a couple of breakages at work which is always heart breaking, so I wanted something that would look nice on a shorter nail.
I showed Katy a picture I had found of this simple nail art design and she nailed it (again pardon the pun). I don't normally go for soft pinks but I love this pink and again I have had loads of compliments! I just really like how fun and simple this design is.
And that's us all up to date! Which one do you prefer, accent nail or nail art? Let me know!
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