Friday, 20 July 2018

Homeware Haul

Hey Guys!

As you know I have just bought my first house which means I have been picking up loads of great things to make the house my own. I thought I would do a little homeware haul to show you some of the fabby things I have picked up.
I saw this ages ago when I was first looking for things for the flat and thought it was really fun and pretty, but it was just a little out of budget for me. Fortunately, Next put it into the sale and I just have to have it. It sits in the corner of my living room and actually creates a lot of light for the room. I normally just put this on and don't bother with the ceiling light, it is that bright!

Retro Lightbulb
This is another Next sale find, I thought this light was just so pretty. I really like the whole exposed lightbulb look, I think it is really cool and knew I wanted something like this in my hall. I am so glad I got these, like the fan light it is really bright and looks great in my hallway.

I love this rug, I love that it is simple monochrome and yet a bit of fun with the pattern, pom-poms and tassels. I found it on ASOS of all places, I didn't even know they did homeware. It just adds a little bit of extra fun to my living room.

Champagne Flutes
Everyone needs a good set of champagne flutes for their house. I had wine glasses, and tumblers from when I rented but never had any flutes, so it was actually one of the first things I bought when I got my keys, cause I love a bit of bubbles. I just loved the shape and the detail on the glasses, they are really nice to drink out of and you can fit like half a bottle of bubbles in one glass...winning!

Elephant Coasters
I loved these coasters as soon as I saw them, they are just so cute! Next have a load of great coasters like these, but the elephant just won me over. They make me think of my time in Thailand when I look at them.

Bath Tray
This was actually a gift from my aunt. I love bath and try to have one at least once a week, but have you tried to read a book in the bath, it is so difficult, you end up with a soggy book and sore arms. This tray means I can read and have a glass of wine in the bath and still be very comfy and relaxed, it is just great!

I did have a bedside table at home, but it was looking a bit tired and it didn't really go with my bed properly. I saw this one in Next a few times and new I wanted it but hadn't got round to picking it up. I then saw that Next were selling one on an ex-display price and so I picked it up. I may still pick up another one for the other side of the bed, but I haven't decided yet.

I love this bookcase! I have never had one, I had shelves at my parents but not a proper bookcase. It was one of the first pieces of furniture I knew I wanted to buy and when I saw this one I knew it was the one I wanted! I really like the ladder style and the shelves re just really sturdy. It sits perfectly in my hall and fits all my books in it, it is just great.

I was looking for a fun doormat for ages, and I ended up finding it in Matalan! They actually had quite a few fun ones, so it took me a while to decide which one I wanted, in the end the hedgehog won. It is just so cute and at only £7 a bargin!! 

Cogsworth Clock
Now you all know I love Beauty and the Beast, it is my favourite Disney movie. Primark have had loads of really fun Beauty and the Beast homeware things recently and when I saw this in the shop, I couldn't help myself, I mean who wouldn't want a working Cogsworth?! He is now sitting on my bookcase in the hall and he is fab!

Wall Clock
Another Primark find, I wanted a simple wall clock for my kitchen and this one just fit the bill perfectly. It was actually my brother who noticed it and I think it is great. It just looks perfect in the room and really brings it together!

Chip Cushion
Another little Beauty and the Beast find from Primark. I just thought this cushion was really cute and when I get my sofas next week it will look great I think. In the meantime it is in my share room and looks great.

Tea-light Holders  
My mum actually bought these for me from QVC a wee while ago, I thought they were really pretty and would look great in the flat when I moved in. They are now sitting on the window sill in my bed room and look great. I actually haven't put any tea-lights in them yet, but they look really pretty when the light hits them, I don't even know if they need the tea-lights. 

Canvas prints 
These are really special to me. These were a gift from my brother and are on the walls in my living room. What is so special about them is that my brother actually took the photos himself, and I think they are beautiful. He really has got a good eye for photography (he is the one who does all my outfit pics), I think he could actually sell these. I just like that they are originals, nobody else is ever going to have these in their house and I love that.
Beauty and the Beast serving plate
This was a lovely gift from Paige for me moving in, it is just me all over. I think Paige said she got it from the Disney store but I can't quite remember, but it is just so fun. I know it is a serving plate but I think it is just too nice to not have on show, so I think when I finally get my coffee table it will take pride of place there.

I have really been enjoying making the house my own and finding little bits and pieces to go in different rooms. I will admit a lot of my stuff has come from Next, they have just had so many great things in the home department recently. Have any of you recently moved or bought your first house? Where have you been finding all your homeware? Let me know.
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