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FP Book Club #13 - Holiday Reads

Hey Guys!

I always get the most time to read when I am on holiday. If you ask me there is nothing better than sitting on a sun-lounger with a good book, it is just perfect. I read quite a few books on holiday recently but the main two were The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling and Autumn by Ali Smith.
The Casual Vacancy
I technically started this before I left, however didn't get into it really until I was away and had time to really read it.
I grew up with JK Rowling, so I know she is a really amazing writer and can write a really book. However I haven't read any of her 'adult' books (I say adult like that cause Harry Potter was pretty much for every one, I mean they even had those 'adult' covers) so I was interested to see how what her newer stuff would be like.I will be honest it did take me a while to get into, not because it was badly written, it was beautifully written and the characters were all really interesting. I just think it might have been the subject to start with and kind of the fact that Harry wasn't in it.

The book follows the story of a little English village that is shocked when one of their local councillors tragically dies right at the start of the book. It then follows a collection of different characters and how they deal with the situation. The book showcases what it is like to like in a shall village and just how horrible people are.
I really enjoyed the book. As I said it took me a while to get into, but as soon as I did really get into it. All the characters are really relatable, and whether that is you can know someone like them or you end up routing for them, I feel like every community has people similar to these characters (hopefully not as horrible as some of them). I think the whole book really highlighted the political climate not just in small communities but also in the UK in general, it is really relevant, which is why I think I enjoyed it so much, it was easy to see examples of some of the attitudes and opinions happening around us.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed JK Rowling's writing before, it is really good and I will definitely be reading more of her novels that aren't magical.

I have had this book sitting on my bookshelf for a little while, but I just haven't had the time to read it...until now. It is a book I had heard a lot about and was really interested to see what it was like.
The book tells the story of Elisabeth who is visiting her former elderly neighbour in a care home. It tells the story of how their friendship and how this man shaped and influenced her into the women she has become. I will be honest, it is quite hard to explain the full book as it jumps back and forth to her childhood and also the lives of an pop artist who influenced Elisabeth, essentially it is a book about friendship.

I did struggle with this book to start with, it was just written differently to what I normally read and I think I struggled to follow the story to begin with, saying that once I got into it I did really like it. I  just think it is a really sweet story of friendship and love. I think it highlights that friendships don't have to be defined by the ages of your friends or how you know them. It also showcases how strong some friendships can really be.
While I did really enjoy this book, it is not the best book I have read. I would recommend it, but I would say you would have to have time to read it, I don't think this is the kind of book you can be reading intermittently during the week, this is definitely a holiday book. 
What have you been reading recently, I would love some recommendtions? The next book club book will be Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land. And don't forget to join the book club over on Goodreads.
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