Wednesday, 18 July 2018

2018 Favourites #4

Hey Guys! 

It has been a while but I figured it was time for a favourites check in. The last wee while has been super busy and I actually have a lot favourites to share!!
Fashion Faves

New Look Culottes
I bought these for my holiday last month but have actually been wearing them loads since I got back thanks to the lovely weather. They are just super comfy and I really love the print.

Primark Sandals
I have had these Primark ‘Birkenstocks’ for ages and ages and they are still in one piece! They are one of the comfiest sandals I have ever owned and are actually making me seriously consider a real pair of Birkenstocks in the future. However, for the moment I will stick with these trusty ones until they fall apart all together.

ASOS Cat Bag
This was actually sort of an impulse buy back at Christmas because I am a crazy cat lady with very little control, but I actually really love it, it is surprisingly practical! It fits loads in it and is really cute, plus the fact that it is black means it goes with everything. Who says being a crazy cat lady can’t be fashionable?

Empower Pin
I picked this up off Etsy a wee while ago and absolutely love it. I first had it on my leather jacket and now it is on my denim jacket, I have it on every day. I just love that it is a subtle way I can show my support for something I believe so strongly in.

Beauty Faves

The Fox Tan Rapid Elixir
I picked up this tan accelerator a wee while back because I wanted to prepare my skin for holidays and also cause I was using the sunbeds and wanted to tan a little quicker. I have been really impressed with how well this worked. I do tan quite well, but it does normally take at least a week for me to pick up a bit of colour, with this I picked up a really good colour within a couple of days, and I have managed to maintain the colour too. My skin also really likes this stuff, I love the smell of it and my skin feels amazing. Although it is a little more expensive than some accelerators it is still 100% worth it.

Wilkinson Sword F.A.B Razor
Another Holiday related purchase. I hate shaving my legs, I am far too lazy to do it regularly enough and I am so bad for nicking myself at the knee or ankle, so if there is anything that makes it easier for me I will 100% buy it. This razor allows you to shave backwards and forwards meaning it takes way less time and you are less likely to cut yourself. It also has shave gel bard son it so no need for shaving foam.
Glossier Face Wash
I have mentioned Glossier before and that I am a pretty big fan of their moon mask and other products, and this face wash is another new fave to add to my list. I ordered it a while ago when I ordered most of the products, but have only just opened it. I really like it, I have the rose scent and it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling really nice once it has been washed. It is a really nice silky texture without feeling heavy, it is great for the shower. I will definitely need to make a Glossier order again soon.

Lifestyle Faves

New House
I have now been in my new flat for a whole month and I am loving it. I am slowly but surely making it my own and finding great ways to decorate it how I want it (homeware haul to come). It is just so great to have my own space finally and to be able to say I own it makes it even better. 

The Kissing Booth
I am a little bit obsessed with this movie on Netflix at the moment (I may have watched it like 8 times). If you haven’t seen it, it’s about this high school girl Elle falling for her best friend Lee’s bother Noah. Now simple premise I know but all great cheesy American rom-coms are! It is brilliant, it is one of these movies that is so easy to watch and all though it is super cheesy and we all know what is going to happen it is just so good and fun to watch. Plus Jacob Elordi who plays Noah is beautiful and him and Joey King who plays Elle are real life dating which is kinda cute. Yes it is asuper cheesy movie but that’s why I love it, it just makes me smile and what else could you possibly want in a movie?!?!

Set It Up
Another Netflix original which is amazing! It is about two assistants Harper & Charlie who try to set up their bosses in the hope that they will fall in love and make their lives easier. It is so funny, and like The Kissing Booth really easy watching. I would argue it is a little more serious and less cheesy than the Kissing Booth but both are equally brilliant. I really enjoyed this movie and have watched it multiple times, it is just a great rom-com.

Queer Eye
Another Netflix thing that I have been loving!! I was late to the Queer Eye party and I am obsessed, it is just so feel good and positive. It just makes me smile, and cry a little bit too (in the best way), the Fab Five are just the most loveliest people in the whole wild world and I want them to be my friends. If you have never watched it you need to, it makes everything better!!

What have you been loving recently? Let me know.
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