Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Met Gala 2018:My Favourite Looks

Hey Guys!

Last night was my favourite fashion night of the year, the Met Gala. I love seeing all the outfits for this every year and seeing how everyone dresses to the theme. This year’s theme was Heavenly bodies, so there was a lot of gold and crosses, here are just some of my favourites.
Kerry Washington
Firstly, Kerry Washington looks fab in everything all the time so she just looks her fabulous self here! I love her hair like this with the hair piece, it is really pretty. Yes she could have gone even more to the theme, but she still looks amazing, I mean its gold, that’s heavenly no?!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Again Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of those people who could wear a bin bag and she would look amazing. I like that she looks like she has a halo with the head piece she has on. I also really like the soft gold colour of her dress as well as the fun cape/train!

 Sienna Miller
I will be honest, not normally a Sienna Miller fan, but I love this look, I mean she is wearing a bloody crown! I really like the cut of this dress it is simple but really fits in with the theme and she looks so good in it.

I love Zendaya, she is just the coolest! I love that she went for a sort of Joan of Arc look. The detail in this dress is amazing, and I think her hair looks incredible, she really suits it like this. She just looks incredible!

Lily Collins
I love Lily’s dress, it is really pretty. Lily is one of these people who had really great style and always seems to pick a great outfit for the Met. I like that her dress is quite simple, and then she has add a bit of drama with the her hairpiece and her makeup. She just looks fab!

Kate Bosworth
I love this look! Similar to Rosie’s look it is quite soft and elegant with the softer gold. I think the train and veil combo is fab, she looks angelic!

Blake Lively
This look is my number 1 favourite, Blake just looks incredible! I genuinely don’t think the woman could look better. I love the dress, the colour is amazing. I also love her hair and the hairpiece she has gone for, she just looks beautiful! I wish I could look this good!!

I can’t do a post without talking about Rihanna, she dresses as the Pope!!! She looked amazing, and really went all out for the theme. But then it is Rihanna, she always goes all out for the Met!

Those were my favourites of the evening, what were yours? Let me know! 
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