Friday, 25 May 2018

2018 Favourites #3

Hey Guys!

Time for another check in with my favourites. I think I have actually quite enjoyed doing these at more random and less structured times, it is a lot easier to manage and I am enjoying doing favourites again.

I love this jacket! I am normally always in my leather jacket when the weather gets a bit warmer, but recently the weather has even been a little too warm for that, that I need to get something a little thinner. This jacket is so comfy and I love the relaxed feel of it. I really like that it is oversized as well as the slight distressed nature of it. I think it looks great with jeans of all colours, but then I love a bit of double denim. It is just great for every day and I am so glad I picked it up.

Clearing out my wardrobe

With my big move coming up I decided it was time to have a proper wardrobe clear out, and I mean a BIG clear out…I was ruthless! I am actually really glad I did it as well, it has meant that I am wearing a lot of stuff that I kind of forgot I had, it has been great rediscovering clothes. I am still to sort all my shoes out, but that is my challenge next, but I am actually quite looking forward to it. There is something quite therapeutic about having a big clear out.


I have been wearing my dungarees a lot over the last wee while. I mean they are just super comfy, easy to wear and the look pretty cool. Granted at times I look like I am dressed as a toddler, but who cares, I feel awesome. Slight negative of my dungarees is that they are a little on the small side so that every time I bend a certain way (you know like when I need to tie my laces) the button on the side of them comes loose, but I am not throwing them away anytime soon, not until the button actually falls off!!


I think I have found a foundation that my skin loves in this foundation! I picked it up as a TSV (Today’s Special Value) from QVC a wee while ago but have only recently started using it properly. The foundation comes with an applicator already in the tube, similar to a concealer, which means you can apply it straight to your face, it also came with a sponge to blend it in with. It was SUPER hydrating, I can wear it all day and my skin still feels amazing, and that is incredible considering my skin is always very dry. You also don’t need loads and you get a really great coverage that really lasts. I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out!

I had heard a lot about the Shape Tape concealer and had wanted to try it for a while and after I bought the foundation I decided to give it a go. Again it comes with the blending sponge which is great and makes it super easy to blend into the under eye area. I really like this concealer, it gives a great coverage and similar to the foundation you don’t need loads. I am so glad I finally decided to purchase.
Tarte Mascara

This mascara is a game changer! Again it is a product I had heard loads about but never tried and I am so glad it did. It makes my lashes look amazing, it is so easy to apply and I love the wand on it. I also love how quickly it dries, it doesn’t leave marks on you lid when you blink as soon as it is on, which I hate. It also lasts all day, but is still pretty easy to take off when you are washing you face, you aren’t scrubbing your eyes for ages. Again this is another product I will 100% be repurchasing! 


Coronation Street
Anyone who knows me or has read the blog in the past will know I am a huge tv fan and love to binge watch, especially US show. However, recently I have really been enjoying watching Coronation Street with my mum. The soap has been running some really great story line, some of them quite hard hitting, including the recent one of male suicide and the affect it has on families and friends. I think the whole story has been done amazingly well, one of the episodes had me in floods of tears. I just think Corrie has the right about of hard hitting drama and cheery stories to make it really easy and enjoyable to watch.

Salted Peanuts

I will happily admit that I am a snacker. I really like having little things to eat while I am doing other things, whether that is at my desk at work or watching TV, I always like to have a wee snack. Recently I have been really enjoying having a little bowl of Salted Peanuts while I am watching TV, they are just so tasty. The only issue is that they are so moreish that I can often end up eating a lot more than a small bowl. 

Matchington Mansion
I really like simple puzzle and matching games, I find them oddly relaxing and I get a little addicted to them. My current favourite is Matchington Mansion. It is basically like Candy Crush but you also get to renovate a mansion in between the levels. When you win a level you win starts and the stars can be used towards the renovation tasks. It is simply an easy to play and it is just a harmless bit of fun…I am currently on Level 530 (see told you I get addicted).

That is my current favourites. What have you been loving at the moment? Let me know.  
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