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You know I love music and going to concerts, so I figured it was about time I did my first concert review of 2018. That means be prepared for an over use of the words, amazing, incredible, so good and other overly enthusiastic adjectives.
Last week me and Zoe headed to the Usher Hall in Edinburgh to see the brilliant Bastille and their ReOrchestrated tour. Both of us have seen Bastille before, we went to their Wild World tour back in 2016 (post here) so we knew it was going to be a good show, but this show was going to be a little different from a big arena tour. This tour was taking place in slightly smaller venues (although in London I am pretty sure they are playing the Albert Hall which is massive…) and they were having a string section, brass, choir as well as their normal band, and they would be performing their songs differently – hence the title ReOrchestrated!
We got there just before the doors open, so we were able to get a really good spot in the standing area so we could watch all the bands. The first support was a guy called Charlie Barnes who was so good. He has the most amazing voice, as Zoe put it…’his voice is an instrument’ and he played 3 or 4 songs I think. I really liked his music, I hadn’t heard of him before but it was really good, and he is clearly a very talented musician. One thing I really liked, was while he was playing Dan from Bastille was standing side of stage watching Charlie’s whole performance and dancing and singing along. Fun fact, I later realised that Charlie is actually a member of Bastille’s band as well and now he is starting out on his own.

Next up was a band called To Kill a King, again I wasn’t familiar, and again I really liked them, they had stripped back their songs for this tour so were playing them a little more acoustically than normal, which was great. I found myself dancing and eventually singing along to them, their songs were so catch. For their last song they brought both Dan & Charlie on and all 3 of them sang together which was really good. Both the supports really added to the whole night and I discovered 2 new great artists to listen to.
Up next was obviously the reason we were all there, Bastille. I am a massive fan and have a bit of a crush on Dan so I was majorly fan girling as they came on (yeah I essentially became a 15 year school girl again). They started with Pompeii, but rather than having all the instruments as well as Dan singing, it was just Dan and the choir singing and my god it was beautiful. 1. Dan has such an amazing voice so I think he could sing the phone book and it would sound good and 2. The choir were just incredible, even Dan was praising them, they were just unreal.
 They then went on to play loads of songs off both Bad Blood and Wild World, and the amount of musical talent on one stage was just amazing. We were dancing and singing along all night, I danced so much I got home and my feet hurt (surely the sign of a good gig no?).  At one point they even did a cover of No Scrubs, and it was incredible!! It had everyone singing and dancing and loving live! Dan also did a really lovely duet with Ralph from To Kill a King because they actually went to uni together and they have a band together called Annie Oakley Hanging but they have never released an album (apparently they have been working on it for years, but not managed to release it yet). Anyway they performed their song Cut Her Down which was really good, so whenever that album ever does come out I will definitely be buying it! They also did their song with Craig David (sans Craid David, not that is mattered…amazing choir remember) which had everyone dancing away it was amazing.
I think one of the main reasons I love Dan from Bastille so much, other than the fact that he is an amazingly talented musician, is the fact that is doesn’t pretend he isn’t awkward. He was chatting away and every so often would apologise for being a bit awkward which was adorable. It is part of what made the gig so good, he just comes across as a really nice guy and that he was loving the whole concert. The venue was perfect for the whole gig, it is such a pretty venue and it really added to the whole atmosphere of the gig. For their encore Dan decided to play the organ which is in the hall for Bad Blood which was so cool, I mean if you can play the organ and there is one in the venue why wouldn’t you play it?! They ended the set with World Gone Mad and then Weight of Living, Pt. I which sounded amazing with all the different instruments.
(Dan on his organ)
The whole night was just amazing, I honestly couldn’t stop smiling. It was such a clever idea and it was just incredible to see so many brilliantly talented musicians all on one stage. I honestly think it is one of the best concerts I have been to in a long time, it was just the best night ever.
Were you at the gig? What did you think? Let me know!
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