Tuesday, 10 April 2018

2018 Favourites #2

Hey Guys! 

It has been a really busy wee while, but I figured it was time to update you with a few of my favourite things. 
Fashion Faves

Pharrell Trainers
I bought these in the summer last year and wore them a lot, but then it got wintery and they were kind of forgotten about. I recently started wearing them again when I needed a comfy shoe for a work event, and my god are they comfy. Since then I’ve rarely had them off my feet, they are great for work at the moment as I am on my feet a lot so they are making sure I don’t get sore feet after a long day!

Mom Jeans
I have always been a skinny jeans fan, they are comfy and easy to wear, which makes them pretty much the perfect jean. However, recently I have been loving Mom jeans and now have 3 pairs. I really like the way they sit and they are great for wearing with the many band/slogan t-shirts I have. I don’t know why I started wearing them, but I am really glad I did, because I have actually been wearing them more than my skinnys.

Teddy Bear Coat
I love this coat, I mean who doesn’t want to look like a teddy bear 24/7?!? I just think it is a really cool style, and it has been great for keeping me warm. Only negative is when it rains I do get a little damp, but it dries really quickly and as long as I have an umbrella or a hat it doesn’t really bother me.

Danielle Nicol x Disney coin purse
Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan, it is my favourite Disney movie and at 26 I do have a Beauty and the Beat bedspread (don’t judge), so when I saw that Danielle Nicol sold these adorable Disney coin purses on QVC and that there was a Chip one it was a no brainer really! It is just so cute and it actually fits a fair amount of change in it. It also just puts a smile on my face every time I get change out my bag, it is just adorable!

Beauty Faves

Aussie Dry Shampoo
Now as a lazy girl who hates washing her hair I am always looking for good dry shampoos so I can give the illusion of washing my hair and making an effort….without the effort. I picked this Aussie one up on a whim because I had run out of the one I was using and it happened to be on offer, I wasn’t really expecting much, but I am really glad I did pick it up. It works really well, it doesn’t leave a white dust in your hair and is great to spray on a hair brush and brush through your hair. It also smells amazing which make your hair smell amazing! I will definitely be re-purchasing.

Not Wearing Makeup Everyday
I have mentioned this before, but I have been having real problems with my eczema on my face which is really annoying but for a while it meant that I couldn’t really wear makeup at all because it would get irritated. It has settled down now, although I do still have bad days, but I have found myself quite enjoying not wearing makeup during the week. It means that my skin (minus the eczema) is actually in quite good condition, which is great. It also means that I feel like it is a special occasion or treat when I do put make up on because I don’t wear it all the time. Also the lazy girl in me is glad that I can sleep in a little later.

Kiko Face Masks
I got a few of these for my Christmas from my mum and have only just recently got round to using them. I am a big fan of sheet masks, mainly cause they are amazing and hassel free but also cause of the laziness in me. I just can’t be bothered applying a facemask and then having to wash it off, sheet masks you can just on and leave and then when your done you just excess cream in, simple. The Kiko masks are made of hydrogel and actually come in two parts, which I was confused about at first, but quickly got over. They are really good, I really like the texture and they left my skin feeling so good, definitely going to re-purchase some.

Glossier lip balm
I have been really impressed with all the Glossier products that I have got. As I mentioned in my last favourites (here) I am completely in love with their moon mask, but I also I love their balm dotcom too. I have had it in my coat pocket for weeks now and it has been saving my life one application at a time. I have the rose scent which I love, I just really like the texture of it and it works really well. It hasn’t quite overtaken my love of eight hour cream, but it is on a par in think.

Lifestyle Faves

Buying a House
The biggest thing that is going on with me at the moment is that I am buying a house!! It is all very exciting but at 26 I am finally able to move out of my family home and will have my own house. This has meant that I have been looking at all sorts of homeware things as well as learning about mortgages and all that sort of thing recently. I am so excited and can’t wait to get into the new flat. I feel so incredibly lucky because my parents have been supporting me though all this and also helping me look for sofas and lighting and microwaves, all those things that you never really thing about. I honestly can’t thank them enough!

Bookly app
I recently discovered a new app to help me even further with my readying challenge. As you guys know I use Goodreads a lot to find books and have set up a reading challenge and book club on it. I am now also using Bookly which is great. It allows you to work out how quickly you read and how long it takes for you to read a book, which is very interesting. I is making me want to improve how well and how quickly I read every time I use it.

I went to Baba for my birthday dinner and wow! It is a relatively new restaurant in Edinburgh, think it opened in November and since it opened I have been really looking forward to going because I have heard so many good things about it. It serves Middle Eastern sort of mezze type food which I love so was really excited to try as much as possible. I went with Paige and Zoe, so we ordered 3 dishes each and sort of shared it like tapas. Everything was incredible, my favourite dishes had to be the goats’ cheese, pistachio, lemon and courgette dip which was amazing and the haggis and harissa kibbeh that were also just amazing. I need to go back even if it is just for that dip!

Thats my current favourites! What have you guys been up to lately? Let me know!
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