Saturday, 3 February 2018

2018 Playlist #1

Hey Guys!
Hope you are well! As you know i have started doing my favourites differently, rather than monthly, just regularly, to make it easier to manage. I thought I would also try this with my playlist post too! 
This new way of doing this playlist means that playlists, like this one, will be a little longer but also a little more varied. What I'm saying is that the playlist will just be bigger and better!
Song of the moment: Recently me and mum were lucky enough to see Lady Gaga recently (post coming soon) and I have been listening to her on repeat. But I have been really loving Joanne, the title track from her album. It is just such a lovely song. 
Album of the moment: I have been loving the Bright soundtrack recently. I still haven't seen the movie but that doesn't matter, the music for it is amazing. It is a great mix of so many different songs and styles. My favourite has to be either World Gone Mad by Bastille or Crown by Camilla Cabello. 
What have you been listening to recently? Let me know
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