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Where to eat in Prague

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Time for my second part of my Prague series. I decided to share with you some of the places we went to for food in a separate post to the ‘city guide’ post. Prague has so many great places to eat with so many different cuisines that we were spoilt for choice, but here are just some of the places we decided to eat (and drink) in.
We went here on our first night. It was recommended to us by our Airbnb host and I am so glas she mentioned it. This restaurant is also known as the railway restaurant. It serves your drinks to your table on a train!!! 

The food is a mixture of Czech food and other interantioal dishes, and while the food was tasty we weren’t there for the food. We were there for the trains. The whole restaurant has a large track all around it, and the trains go back and forth delivering the drinks. You do order them the traditional way, but then you just wait for your train to bring your drinks along the track. It is honestly the most entertaining thing ever, and a really great atmosphere as everyone is there because of the novelty of it all. It is well worth a visit.

Gin and Tonic Club
All 3 of us love gin and tonics, so when we found out that there was a bar that just served gin and tonics we were very excited to try it. 
We decided to do one of the taster menus, which meant that for 500 koruna (about £17) each we got to try 5 different gin and tonics with all different flavours and fruits in them, it was so good. The bars staff took their time to explain each drink to us as it came, it was a really nice way to try some different gins. 

We found this place on TripAdvisor and decided to go for brunch on our second day. It is a café and a bookshop all in one and was really nice. It served the breakfast/brunch menu till 12pm which was great as we had got up a little later than we had planned. 
It served everything from eggs and omelettes to French toast and bagels, I went for a bagel with cream cheese and salmon, which was really tasty. We kind of worked out that this was the kind of place students went to for lunch etc, there were lots of English speaking people and it just felt very studenty (if that makes sense). 

Café Buddha
We were quite surprised but the number of sushi and Asian restaurants that are in Prague, it wasn’t something we had expected to see lots of. On our second night we decided to try one of the many sushi places, Café Buddha, and my god it was AMAZING!! 
It wasn’t the biggest of restaurants but that didn’t bother us, it had quite a homely feel once you got comfortable. The first thing I loved was that the served my favourite Thai beer Chang. Secondly the food was amazing we ordered a mix of different things and it all came out a different times and we just shared the food. At one point the waiter came out and asked us if we need the last 2 dishes we had ordered as we had order a lot of food, which although a little embarrassing as it made us like 3 little piggys sitting in the corner, it was also quite good because he cancelled the last few things we didn’t need and there was no food wasted and we weren’t charged for them. 
Think this was my favourite restaurant of the whole trip. The food was so tasty and ther service was great, we even got a little fortune cookie each with the bill.

Blah Blah Bar
We decided to head for a drink after our delightful sushi dinner and stumbled upon this place, which reminded me a lot of the boozy cow in Edinburgh. It was a cocktail bar and restaurant down in a basement, and it was really nice. 
They had loads of different cocktails, I decided to go for a Holy Salad, which had gin, St. Germain, lime, sugar, mint raspberry and cucumber in it, and it came in a fab goblet. It was so tasty, and the atmosphere in the bar was really cool (almost too cool for us). One of the highlights of the bar was the fact that it had a little bar dog in it which although it was on a lead, was able to wander about the bar which was cute. 

Bella Vida Café
Another TripAdvisor find, and another great breakfast place. This little café sits on the river with views out to the Charles Bridge and the castle. It is such a pretty café, I loved the different table sizes and chairs and the large book cases that created separate areas. 
Again the menu was really varied, this time I went for pancakes with fruit and caramel sauce and wow they were yum! I really loved how chilled out the café was, it felt like you could have spent all day in there if you had wanted to and the service was amazing.

Pivnice U Karlova Mostu
Okay, so don’t ask me how to pronounce the name of this little restaurant because I have no idea, but it was so cute. 
We had noticed this the day before when we were walking around the Old town, it is right next to John Lennon wall, and we had said we would love to go in for a little drink or maybe something to eat. It is a strange little place, because it is kind of inside but outside, it has gas burners all through the inside to keep you warm and you sit on a sort of sheep skin rug or blanket to keep you warm.
We just decided to have mulled wines in here as we were planning to do a boat trip and it was a bit early for dinner (see my previous post here for more on the boat trip). One thing I really liked about this place, besides the cuteness of everything, was the fact that they had pretzels hanging on a stand on each table that you could help yourself to and then they would add them to your bill after. The whole place felt very authentically Czech which was lovely  

Joy Burger
We came across this burger place when we were slowly making our way home. I’d say it was quite similar to Byron. It wasn’t the biggest restaurant, but we got a table okay and then staff were really helpful, at the end of the day you can’t really go wrong with a burger.

I had the Mexican Chicken Burger with thick farmer fries. The burger had chipotle mayo and guacamole on it and was really tasty. The chips were amazing and the waiter recommended a spicy dipping saucy for our chips which was so good. It was just a good meal and exactly what we needed 
after a long day of exploring.

That is just some of the restaurants and bars we visited. We tried to go to as many different places as possible. 

Which one sounds like your kind of place? Let me know. 
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