Thursday, 7 December 2017

72 Hours in Prague

Hey Guys!

Feel like I have been away a lot recently, first with Thailand and then with Barcelona and now Prague. However, one positive is that I get to share my thoughts and tips and experiences with you guys, the other main positive is I get a holiday and who doesn’t love a holiday! Anyway as I said last month me, Paige and Zoe headed to Prague for 4 nights – and here is what we got up to.
Day 1
Our flight was really early so we were in Prague from about half 10, this meant we had a whole day to explore and find our feet. We decided to save ourselves a little bit of time and get an Uber from the airport to our Airbnb, which worked out really well actually, and wasn’t expensive at all, think at most it was £4 each.
Once we got to our Airbnb we got ourselves all unpacked and looked over the map we had been left by our host which was great. We decided to head towards Wenceslas Square to find some food and have a look around. Wenceslas Square has a lot of shops etc on it, and leads towards the Old Town and the orloj (astronomical clock) which is in the old town square. The clock itself is currently getting construction works done to it, but you can still see it and it is still very busy around it. We decided to stop for lunch in the old square and take in the atmosphere of the square and the area.

We then made our way back to the apartment for a little rest and to plan where we were going to have dinner. (I have done a separate restaurant guide for you, which is coming soon). We had a really great first day and couldn’t wait to explore more.

Day 2
We decided on day two to head right into the old town and explore round the castle. After brunch we headed to the vernacular railway which takes you the top of Petřín hill. Although it was a pretty rainy day the views from the top of the hill were amazing, you could see all over Prague. We then headed back down the hill towards the castle and Charles Bridge through the park that surrounds the hill. When we got to the castle we discovered that we only had an hour to get round the whole thing, and as there was so much to see we decided to go back the next day and do it properly. Although we didn’t get to see the castle there was still so much to see in the old town, the buildings are so pretty and there are loads of cute bars and shops to look round as we headed towards Charles bridge, we even stopped for a mulled wine.
After our mulled wine break we headed to see the John Lennon Wall which I though was really cool, it is cover in all sorts of graffiti, we even found something that said ‘People make Glasgow’. We then headed across the Charles Bridge which is really beautiful, even in the rain. By the time we got over the bridge it was getting dark so we headed back towards the apartment to dry off and decided where we were going for dinner.
Day 3
On our last day we headed back to the castle so we could get a proper look around. Prague castle is not just a castle, it is like a little walled village with the cathedral and castle right in the centre of it all, it is similar to the Vatican in that way only smaller. We first headed for the Cathedral which is huge, it has stunning stained glass windows and the building itself is beautiful.
We also looked around the Old Royal Palace which had the most amazing roof and the St George’s Basilica, however the best part for me had to be Golden Lane. Golden Lane is a little cobbled street which has lots of little different coloured houses in it, some of them have now been converted into shops and some of them show stories of people who used to live there. It was so pretty and really interesting to find out all about the people who lived there.
Once we had explored as much of the castle area we headed to do some souvenir shopping and just for a look around the shops we had seen the day before. We also headed back towards the Lennon wall and the bridge as we had seen a really cute bar which we wanted to have a mulled wine in. We also headed to the bridge again because we were all quite keen to go on a boat trip along the river at night to see how Prague looked at night, however this didn’t quite go to plan as we had picked a boat to go on in the morning but when we went back later in the day it was no longer there meaning we couldn’t do the trip.
After we realised that the boat trip was not going to happen, we decided to walk back through the old town towards our apartment and find somewhere to eat before heading back to pack.
Prague is such a beautiful city and as with most cities it is hard to see everything in one trip, but I think we did pretty well. I would love to go in the summer as well to see how it looks in the sun. I though Prague felt quite similar to Edinburgh is a strange way. It had that mix of new and old and there was so much history around the city. One other thing I would say is that all 3 of us felt so safe in Prague, we never felt like we could have our bags stolen and although we were careful, we just never felt worried about anything like that all trip. I would highly recommend Prague to anyone who fancied a cheap city break away, and I for one will definitely be going back!

Have you ever been to Prague? Let me know. Be sure to keep an eye out for my Prague restaurant guide coming soon!

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