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Barcelona with mum

Hey Guys!

Last month me and mum head off for a girly weekend to Barcelona and so thought I'd share what we got us to! We were in Barcelona for 4 days, we were originally supposed to be there to see Lady Gaga, however after she sadly had to cancel we still decided to go away for a girly weekend. Here is our little guide of what to do in Barcelona for 4 days.
Day one
Our flight didn't get us into Barcelona till late afternoon but still gave us time to have a wander. Once we had dropped our stuff off at our hotel we headed to see how easy the Metro was to use, and it is very easy. It is also not to expensive so it is the best way to get round the city. 
We headed to La Rambla to have a little wander around and find our feet. We ended up having a little wander through the gothic quarter - although we didn't have a proper explore. We also had a look around the La Boqueria market, which is just off La Rambla. It is the most amazing food market with everything from fresh fruit to fish and meats, it was great. We even picked up some oysters. 
Once we had had a wander round we headed to a bar on La Rambla for a well deserved sangria, before heading back to our hotel for an early dinner and bed, ready for the next day of exploring.
Day two
We had a little lie in on our second day, saying that we were out of our hotel for 11ish. We headed back to the gothic quarter so we could do a proper explore of the Cathedral and the area around it. We got the metro again and actually got ourselves a 48hr ticket which meant we could hop on and off as much as we liked for the next two days.
We headed to the centre of the gothic quarter and the Cathedral itself first. We had to pay to get in by the time we got there, I think it was €7 each. There are times when you don't ahve to pay, but you don't get to see as much of the cathedral as you do when you pay. 
The cathedral is absolutely beautiful, there is so much to see it kind of takes your breath away. The best part for me had to be that you could go up on the roof, I didn't actually know you could do this until we had got our ticket. There was a small lift that took you up to the roof, and it was just amazing. The views were amazing you could see the whole of the gothic quarter and out to the beach, it was incredible.
Once we had been on the roof, we walked round the rest of the cathedral and then headed back out into the gothic quarter to explore a little further.
Once we had done the gothic quarter we decided to head to he mountains to do the cable car and castle. Now, We did make a mistake here and ended up walking up a massive hill that you don't need to walk up, there is a train that goes from a tram stop at the bottom righ tup to the cable cars, but I didn't pay attention to a sign and we had a little (big) walk instead. 
You get amazing views from the castle once you get up the cable cars as well, it's like seeing the city form the other side of the Cathedral. The castle I think is €5 each but if you are under 26 (weird I know) it is a little less. The castle is huge and really pretty, but the views of the sea and city are the main attraction. We only got a one way cable car ticket, which took us up which was about €8 each, we decided the walk down would be easy enough. Once we had done the castle, we headed back to get the metro...this time we used the train down the hill.
Once we got back to the metro we headed back to our hotel. We then headed out for more sangria and dinner at the amazing La Tagliatella. We ended the night with a glass of wine each and bed.
Day three 
We had a similar start to our day on day 3 as we did on day 2, we were out of the hotel for the back of 11 and headed to the metro. The plan was to head to Sagrada Família and then onto the beach for lunch. However, we got to the Sagrada and all the tickets for the day were already sold out! 
I was a bit disappointed because I had heard such great things about this building. However, this meant we had to change our plans. I was far too hot so we actually had to go via a Pull and Bear to get me a dress to change into before we made our next move. 
We decided to head to the beach for an earlier lunch than originally planned. We took the metro again and headed to the beach. The beach area was lovely, so different from the city centre, you could forget you were in Barcelona. 
We headed to an amazing tapas bar on the beach front that had Strawberry mojitos, we sat an ate and chatted and drank our mojitos, it was heavenly.
Once we had eaten our weight in tapas, we decided it was time for a little shop, so we headed back to La Rambla as we knew there were plenty of shops there. We headed straight for Sephora and it was AMAZING! It was the biggest most amazing Sephora I had ever been in, there was even a slide and a hair dresser, I may have gone a little mad (just a little).
We then decided to head back to the hotel and for a evening sangria (you can probably see a pattern now) and then we went for dinner at a traditional Catalonian restaurant, which was lovely.
Day four
We weren't really sure what to do on our last day, we checked out of our hotel at about half 11 and decided to go for a walk in the local area. We found a really beautiful park where we sat for a bit. We then went for a further walk and then came across the most beautiful building which turned out to be La Pedrera.
It was the most beautiful building designed by Gaudi, who has designed a lot of buildings in Barcelona. We ended up doing the tour, which is just an audio tour that you do at your own pace, but it was so interesting and again the views from the roof were spectacular. Once we finished the tour we had lunch in a little restaurant outside La Pedrera, before heading off to the airport.
Barcelona is such a beautiful city, and there is so much to do. I will definitely be going back, I feel like I have only seen half of it.
Have you been to Barcelona? What did you think? Let me know.  
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  1. ooh looks beautiful and I now really want some sangria. So gutting gaga cancelled her tour. Was meant to see her in Birmingham. Barcelona looks beautiful though and I defo want to go.



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