Monday, 4 September 2017


Hey Guys!

You know I love a good concert, and a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to see Lana Del Rey in Glasgow, so obviously had to share.
Me and Paige have been huge Lana fans for ages now but have never been lucky enough to see her, so when we saw she was playing in Glasgow we knew we had to be there. We were very lucky for this concert in that we were given the opportunity to sit in one of the Hydro Club boxes at the Hydro (thanks to Paige's work friend Becca - thank you again Becca), which was really exciting, this also meant we got Prosecco & mojitos (not for free but they were there)!!
There wasn’t a support act, which was fine because that meant we had time to get drinks and merchandise and go to the toilet and not have to worry about anything. Obviously, as always, I did get myself a tour t-shirt – a fun yellow one that is big enough that I can tie the corner in a little knot or just wear it baggy.
If I am honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from the concert. I had had heard mixed things about Lana so I wasn’t going into the concert with great expectations. However, I was very quickly impressed by her. From the moment she came on the stage and started singing she was amazing. I was concerned that the Hydro would be too big a venue for her delicate voice but I very quickly forgot we were in a big arena. I don’t know if it was the stage layout or how powerful her voice was or the atmosphere of the whole place but it felt much more intimate than I had expected, which I loved.
I also was not expecting much artist-audience conversation but she was surprisingly chatty. I mean she wasn’t super chatty, but she was up for a little chat which I love. I love when an artist really connects with the audience like that, it makes a concert so much better. I even learned something new about Lana Del Rey…did you know she used to live in Glasgow?!
My favourite song had to be either Blue Jeans or Video Games. Yes they are both older songs, but I think that was why they were so good because everyone was singing along. Although, I think I enjoyed every song, she just has the most beautiful voice, you could listen to it forever!
There was a great atmosphere throughout the whole show because there was no one there who wasn’t a Lana fan. It wasn’t one of those shows that people just go along to cause their friend had a spare ticket, you could tell everyone there was a massive fan of her. It was just such a happy atmosphere.
I absolutely loved the whole night, from the box to the concert it was all perfect!
Have you ever seen Lana? What did you think? Let me know
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