Thursday, 31 August 2017

Monthly Mani #22

Hey Guys!

I am a little late with this post again – I don’t know why I just keep forgetting to sort myself out. I have actually had two manicures by the fabby Katy since my last monthly mani (in fairness one was just the other week), so I am still going to share them individually. These were August’s Nails
After my bright holiday nails I decided to go for something a little softer and simpler and I though this colour was just that, it is just so pretty. I love the shimmer on them, plus it makes my hands look a little more tanned.
I was also able to get my beloved points back. I didn’t have them for holidays which probably was a good thing, but I did miss them. I love having my nails in a point, I think they make my hands look prettier and longer, they also make a pretty fab noise.
What is your favourite shape for your nails? Let me know! 
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