Sunday, 2 July 2017

June Playlist 2017

Hey Guys!

Happy July! Can you believe it is July already?! As with all months it is time for the usual monthly playlist!
This month there is a good mix of everything, from live music to new songs and a little bit of Taylor Swift!
Song of the month: This month's song of the month is Somewhere over the Rainbow by Ariana Grande. She performed this at the One Manchester concert at the start of the month and it was just beautiful, I cried a lot!! I was so glad she put it on Spotify. I really did love the whole of that concert, it was so emotional but Ariana was amazing, it just made me love her a whole lot more.
Album of the month: This month's album has to be Hopeless, Fountain, Kingdom by Halsey. I loved Halsey's first album so when I saw I she had a new album I couldn't wait to hear it. I think she has an amazing voice and makes really great music. My favourite song from the album has to be Hopeless.
What have you guys been listening to this month? Let me know!
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