Friday, 2 June 2017

Dishoom Edinburgh

Hey Guys!

I don’t know if I mentioned, but until recently I never used to like Indian food. Don’t ask why, I myself don’t really know, because now I can’t imagine not liking it! Anyway, this new found love of Indian has allowed me to experience a whole new world of restaurants, most recently the newly opened Dishoom in Edinburgh.
Me, Paige and Zoe have been wanting to go here for ages, but with work etc just never had time to go, until last weekend. We headed for a late lunch as part of Zoe’s birthday celebrations. 
We didn’t book, because you have to have a party of 8 to actually book a table, but we decided to go a long and just wait for a table. We were told that it would be about a 15 minute wait, but we actually only had to wait about 5 minutes before a table became available, which was great.
We were sitting downstairs in The Permit Room, which I think you can only have food in until about 5 and then it becomes the bar. Our waiter, Andrew (I think his name was, although I never remember stuff like that) was really helpful, because we had never been there before he took the time to talk us through the menu and give us recommendations which was really helpful. He suggested that we order around 3 dishes each and share, sort of like tapas and that is what we did.
It took us ages to finally pick what we wanted but we finally chose: Gunpowder Potatoes, Masla Prawns, Mahi Tikka, Black House Daal, A Bowl of Greens, Chicken Ruby, Garlic Naan and Raita. Although it seemed like a lot of food we actually ate everything, it was the perfect amount. 
My favourite had to be the Mahi Tikka, the fish was so beautifully cooked it was just melt in the mouth. It wasn’t too spicy (although I do like spice) but it was just flavoured so well I could have eaten two portions! The potatoes were also amazing they has a mix of loads of different herbs and spices in them, they were so tasty. Actually, I liked everything (the only thing I didn’t eat was the Daal, but only cause I’m not a huge lentil fan). 
We also had come amazing cocktails there too. To start Zoe and I had a Bollybellini, which had raspberry, lychee, rose & cardomon in it along with prosecco. Paige had an East India Gimlet, which had Gin, rose and celery bitters in it – I had one of these as my second drink while Zoe had another bellini and Paige had a glass of Prosecco. 
We then had a Bailey’s Chai each, which was a warm Chai with Bailey’s in it and was so yummy, it was like a dessert in a drink. We then had one more drink each, Paige and I had a Mulled Bramble each which had mulled wine reduction, gin, syrup & lemon in it and was heavenly and Zoe had a Viceroy’s Old fashioned which came in a little potion bottle and had bourbon, bay leaf reduction and green tea in it. 
I will be honest, Dishoom is not a cheap day out, but it was worth every penny! I absolutely loved everything about it, the restaurant, the service, the food and the drinks were all amazing. I will definitely be going back. 

Have you been to Dishoom? What did you think? Let me know.
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