Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Style Crush: Met Gala 2017

Hey Guys!

Last night was the annual Met Gala - which is essentially one of the biggest nights in the fashion calendar. Every year there is a theme, this year it was a tribute to Japaneses designer Rei Kawakubo. I love seeing all the style from the event so had to share some of my favourites!
1. Zendaya
Zendaya looked AMAZING in her custom Dolce & Gabbana gown. I absolutely love this dress, it is fun and fab! I just love eveything about this look, from her dress to her hair to her lipstick she just looks so good!!

2. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds
Could the couple be any more beautiful?! Blake looked her amazing self in her Versace dress, although I feel like Blake could year a bin bag and she'd look good. I really love the colour of the feathers on her train plus the fact that Ryan's bow tie matches.
3. Behati Prinsloo
I mean there is a reason she is a Victoria's Secret model. Behati looked so stunning in her custom Topshop gown. I love the cut out detail on the front and if I'm honest the simplicity of it. She just looks so classically elegant in this dress, it is a very classic Hollywood outfit!

4. Karlie Kloss
I love Karlie's fun Carolina Herrera tuxedo style dress, it is a classic look while still being a little fun and different. Plus with legs like hers I'd want to have them on show all the time, I mean she looks incredible!

5. Selena Gomez & The Weeknd
The award for the cutest couple of the night has to go to these two! This was their first red carpet as a couple and don't they look so happy and cute?! I love Selena's Coach dress, she looks so beautiful! I love the colour and the beading detail not to mention the matching bag. Again a very simple look, but she really does pull it off!
6. Ruby Rose & Donald Glover
Now they aren't a couple in real life, but they were each others date to the Gala this year and they looked fab in Burberry! Ruby is just a stunning human being, no denying it, and she just look amazing in this dress. Again I think she is someone who could pull of almost any look but she just looked amazing. I love everything about this dress, the cut the colour the detail, it is just so pretty. I also loved Donald Glover's floral jacket, he looks so good. I think the fact that he also is an extremely attractive human being helps a little, but it is a fun jacket!
7. Hailee Steinfeld
I really like this Vera Wang outfit that Hailee wore, it really matches the theme. I really like the detail on the sleeves and how different it is. Again Hailee is someoen with great legs who should always show them off!

8. Sophie Turner
Another classic look. I really love the detail on Sophie's Louis Vuitton dress. She looks very sophisticated and pretty. I really like the sheer panels on the dress, it gives is a little edge without going over the top

9. Kendall Jenner
Kendall's dress on the other hand is completely over the op and I really like it. Yes she is essentially wearing her underwear, btu what do you expect from a La Perla dress. Again she has got such an amazing body that she can pull this look of perfectly, regardless of how risque it is.

10. Elizabeth Banks
I think Elizabeth Banks looks amazing! I mean can you go wrong with monochrome? I love the print on this Michael Kors dress, although it does kinda hurt your eyes if you stare at it for too long. I looks very Japanese if that makes any sense, and I love how she hasn't gone too over the top with the make-up, a simple yet sophisticated look!
11. Kerry Washington
I always love Kerry Washington and this is no exception. She looks so cool in this patchwork Michael Kors dress and then her fun bob, I mean how fab!?! I love the cut out detail in this dress along with the slight down the side. There is a lot going on and yet it isn't too much it is just a really fun dress and she looks great in it.

12. Doutzen Kroes
This Brock Collection dress is amazing! It isn't a designer I am familiar with but I really love it. I love the whole relaxed feel of Doutzen's look, she kinda looks like she has come straight from the pool or the beach and just thrown the dress on going out the door, and looks amazing! I love the pocket detail and the color of the dress, not to mention the fun off the shoulder detail in the arms.

13. Gigi Hadid
Again some one with amazing legs! Gigi wore something from her own Tommy Hilfiger collection and I am a big fan . Yes it is really different and you couldn't wear it to a dinner party but it is very Met Gala. I love the contract of the sides and the structured waist, not to mention the train is fab. I just love how different it is! 

14. Kylie Jenner
If Donatella Versace is your date, chances are you are going to look good. I am not gonna lie i am not always a fan of Kylie's style choices but I think she was spot on here. She looks incredible, her dress really shows off her figure and it is really pretty. All the detail on it is so nice and I love her little bag.

15. Stella Maxwell
I am completely in love with Stella Maxwell's H&M dress! I love the detail of the pearls on it and the back and the cut - I just love it all! I love that she has put her hair up as well, to really show case how amazing the back of that dress is!
16. Hailey Baldwin
Again, not some one I am always a fan of but this Carolina Herrera outfit is spot on. I love the contract between the crop top and the skirt and the slight variations in colour on the skirt itself. I also love the head piece/veil thing she has opted for, it really looks great and adds a little extra to the outfit.

17. Kate Hudson
If I am honest, I don't think Kate Hudson has ever worn a bad outfit, she always looks incredible, and this Stella McCartney number is no different. I love the simplicity of it yet it matches the theme perfectly. I also love her hair, who new white hair good look so good?!?!

18. Daisy Ridley
Daisy looks fab in her monochrome Oscar de la Renta dress. I love the print of the skirt and the way it falls. She just looks so sophisticated. Yes it is a simple style but it really works for her.

19. Rihanna
The queen of the Met Gala as always. Rihanna took the theme and ran with it in this custom Comme des Garcons outfit. You can tell she really wanted to make sure she looked the part. Again not something you could ever wear to a party (unless you are Rihanna) but my god she looks incredible! This look is just so much fun and really is the spirit of the evening. Rihanna really does win the Gala every year!!

20. Lily Collins
Lily looks like a stunning gothic princess in this beautiful Alexander McQueen gown. I love her whole look! She has managed to work the theme in while also being a Disney Princess, which is amazing. Her lipstick is so cool and I love her in that wig! 

Those are my favourites...yes there were a lot! Who was yours? Let me know! 
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