Friday, 19 May 2017

Charlie Logan Make Up Artist

Hey Guys!

I know I have been M.I.A recently, but I had a laptop issue and it had to be fixed. Luckily Apple were able to sort it out pretty quickly and I am now back!
A couple of weeks ago now I was lucky enough to be invited to Hair by JFK in Bruntsfield to get my makeup done by their new makeup artist Charlie. I was really looking forward to it, I love a good pamper and I don’t get the chance to have my makeup done properly, so naturally I jumped at the chance.
I headed to JFK after work one Thursday so naturally I had very little make up on, my hair up and looked a bit shit if I’m honest. Charlie was really lovely from the moment I arrived, chatting away asking what kind of makeup I was looking for (I went for glam, I mean why not?!) and was just really nice. The salon itself is so much bigger than I thought, Charlie has a whole area including a fab mirror with lights round, up on a sort of mezzanine level. 
I just loved watching the whole thing, I love learning new techniques I can use at home so felt I was asking loads of questions. Most of the products used were MAC, including the foundation and eyeshadows but Charlie had a whole host of fun products including Smashbox and NYX, it was a makeup lover’s paradise.
She started with a base of foundation before starting with my eyes and eyebrows. I love my eyebrows, I really try to look after them and make them look nice, I have so many different brow products. I loved how Charlie did them, they were bold like I like them, but still natural, now I can’t quite remember what the exact product it was but I am pretty sure to was an Anastasia product (I could be wrong). Charlie also does brows so I will definitely be going back to get her to sort mine soon.
She then moved onto my eyes. I asked for a smokey eye and as soon as Charlie suggested glitter I couldn’t say no. All the shadows were MAC and were so pretty, and Charlie had loads at least 3 full palettes! Charlie really took her time with my eye makeup to make sure it was glam yet subtle, and all even. I was actually really relaxing, I could have easily dozed off. 
Then it was glitter time, Charlie used the NYX glitter primer first to make sure the glitter would stay and then we both thought this rose gold kinda glitter would look good with the rest of my eyes. I wish I could do glitter myself! I absolutely loved it. She then added a little pigment in the inner corner to give the look a little more sparkle and added eye liner and lashes. I love when I get to have lashes on because I am pretty much incapable of doing it myself. These ones were so comfortable and although they were long, still looked quite natural. 
Once my eyes were done, Charlie added another pit of foundation on my face to give me a bit more coverage and then started the job of contouring and highlighting, something I am useless at. Don’t get me wrong I can add a bit of highlighter to my cheeks etc, but just haven’t got to grips with the whole contouring thing, don’t get me wrong I’ve tried ask anyone, just not a skill I’ve mastered. Luckily, it is a skill Charlie has, and I loved it.
I really loved the whole look, it didn’t feel like I had loads of makeup on but still felt like I could go on a night out. Sadly, that is not what I did when Charlie had finished. I went home, put my pj bottoms on and sat watching tv with the most amazing makeup on. 
I would go back to she Charlie in a heartbeat. She was really lovely and really good at what she does – it is crazy to think she is self-taught! I would highly recommend going along to see her, she really is amazing!!
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