Wednesday, 31 May 2017

April & May 2017 Playlist

Hey Guys! 

It is the end of another month, which means a new monthly playlist and this month is a bumper playlist!
Because I wasn’t able to do this post last month I decided that I would merge April & May’s playlists together to create one super playlist, meaning there is A LOT of things on it this month!
Song of the Month: I would have to say that Crowded Places by Banks is my song of the month (and by month I mean months!) I am totally in love with Banks and have been for a really long time. She has such a beautiful voice and creates such amazing music and this is a classic example of this! I just love this song!
Album of the Month: It has to be the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack. I have kind of become obsessed with all things 13 Reasons including the soundtrack. There are so many amazing songs on it, from new artists like Billie Eilish to classics like Joy Division. To be honest there isn’t a bad song on there and it has reignited my love for Joy Division!
What have you guys been listening to recently? Let me know. 
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