Monday, 3 April 2017

March 2017 Playlist

Hey Guys!

Where did March go? It feels like it was only just the end of February! As it is April, time to look back at last month’s playlist.
I love creating these playlists because it really makes me realise how varied and wonderful my music taste is. I mean in what world would you find a Disney soundtrack and Frank Ocean in the same place?! I’ll tell you, this month’s playlist.
Song of the Month: My favourite song of the month has to be (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano by Sampha. If you haven’t heard this song it is just stunning. Sampha has such an amazing voice, it is so relaxing. My theory is he could sing the phone box and I would love it.
Album of the Month: I have to say that I have kinda cheated this month and actually have two. The first one is the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, because ever since I saw that movie I have been pretty much pretending I was Belle and singing all the songs, plus I am still amazed how good Emma Watson’s voice is and I love all the new songs that have been added!
My second one is More Life by Drake. Drake released this a couple of weeks ago and it is so good. He describes it as a playlist, but it’s an album who is he kidding. I love the variety of collaborations on it from Sampha to Giggs and Kayne, it is so diverse. My favourite song has to be Passionfruit, it just makes me good!
What music have to been loving recently? Let me know!
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  1. I didn't even realise Beauty & The Beast had a soundtrack released! Once I've seen the film I'll definitely have to give it a listen x

    |Georgia Megan|

  2. I can't wait to listen to Drake's new music. I love that you listen to him too! I haven't heard many of these others I'll definitely be checking them out. Have a wonderful week xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days


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