Saturday, 1 April 2017

Boy Meets World

Hey Guys!

It would seem that I am going to a concert every month this year (sadly this ends here). However last week I was back at the Hydro for my 3rd concert of 2016 and it was a goodie!
Last week we headed to see Drake on his The Boy Meets World Tour. This had been rescheduled from January for some reason, so we were all quite excited to see the show. Me, Paige and Zoe were joined by my brother, Sean, and his friend, although I say joined but as soon as we got to the venue we let them do what they want. I had got Sean his ticket for his birthday last October so he was pretty excited – having Sean there means there are 1. loads more pictures and 2. pictures from the other side of the room from where is was standing!
We arrived a little later than originally planned, but we didn’t actually miss much, it seemed as though everything was running a little late. As we were getting into the main hall we caught the very end of the 1st support (although I couldn’t tell you who it was) we then got the chance to see the whole of the 2nd support, dvsn, which I really liked, he had a really nice voice.
Due to the whole running late thing Drake was quite late coming on, but as soon as he was on the stage he was getting the crowd singing along and joining in, and for the amount of time he was on stage he really did do a lot of songs.
His lights and stage were amazing. I had seen pictures online so new he had the large world thing in the middle of the room, but pictures did not tell me anything about the moving lights. They were so cool. There were loads of the spheres hanging from the roof and for the first few songs they didn’t really do much, it wasn’t until he did Hotline Bling that they actually did anything, and from then on they were amazing – at one point I didn’t know if I wanted to watch Drake or the lights, it was all just so fun!
He is also a huge fan of the chat – a stark contrast from the last concert we were at, Kings of Leon, who barely said a word. He was chatting away, thanking the staff, giving motivations pep talks and even said something really nice about the terror attack that had happened in London the same day.
I did kinda forget it was a Wednesday night the whole concert had a proper party atmosphere, which was so fun. We were all dancing and singing to every song – I sang so much I kinda lost my voice.
I really enjoyed the night and would definitely go and see him again.
Have you seen Drake before? What did you think? Let me know! 
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