Friday, 7 April 2017

13 Reasons Why...

Hey Guys!
You guys all know I watch a lot of TV, and recently I have been mainly watching repeats or sicking to Grey's and Scandal, I just haven't really found a new show I loved, that was until Netflix released 13 Reasons Why.
I had heard a fair bit about the show before it came out and I was really interested, but I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting. It is based on a book of the same name and and follows the story of Clay, as 17 year old boy, who is dealing with the suicide of his friend Hannah. Hannah leaves a group of tapes which she has recorded 13 reasons why she did what she did and sends these to her friends. The story follows not only Hannah's life but also how her friends including Clay deal with her death and the stories from the tapes.

I absolutely loved the whole show, it was totally not what I expected. It is really dark and doesn't hold back. In fairness, I didn't actually realise it was rated 18 till I was halfway through, then it did kinda make a bit more sense, but still I didn't appreciate it would be as intense as it is.
The way it is told is brilliant, you see how Hannah saw it, but you also hear from everyone else involved, which is really interesting. Nothing is laid out easily for you, meaning you need to watch every episode to understand exactly what happened to Hannah and why. All the characters are actually pretty relatable, sure there are the ones that you hate, but the majority of them I felt myself understanding them. 

I loved the whole Clay and Hannah relationship, I was really rooting for them even forgetting that Hannah was dead, they were just so cute. The actor who plays Clay is brilliant, I thought he was great, I could have watched him forever. The girl who plays Hannah was also amazing, and the chemistry between Clay and Hannah was so convincing.
The whole story was really sad and actually really real, it is a story that affects everyone, it is quite heartbreaking. Depression, suicide and bullying is something that is all around us, and for there to be a TV show to really showcase the extremes of that is really interesting. The show really highlights the issue of social media and bullying as well as rape and suicide, as I said it is heavy, but not hard to watch, it is really good TV. 

I highly recommend the show, I mean yes it made me cry and I was shocked by it but I think everyone should watch it. I know it was based solely on one book, I do hope there is more seasons because I think more stories could be told.

Have you watched 13 Reasons Why yet? What did you think? Let me know.   
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  1. I love that you managed to review this without spoiling anything. It means I can still go and watch it.

    I've honestly been avoiding watching it because it just sounds like it would depress me but you've got me interested now.

    Thanks for this :)

    Burgh Blogger -

  2. I also hope that they do a season 2! I think they got a really good message across too and totally cried during a certain episode!!


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