Thursday, 9 March 2017


Hey Guys!

I have a really mixed music taste, I generally like a little bit of everything. Which is great when you are going to see bands live because you are never seeing the same thing twice.
Last week I headed back to the Hydro for the first time this year to see a band I have loved for a long time, but never seen live, Kings of Leon. I didn't know what to expect, but Zoe who has seen them before had said to expect it to be good.
From the moment the band go on the stage there were no gimmicks just song after song, and they were perfect! Granted they are not the chattiest of bands, which is something I do like but they really can play! Caleb has such an incredible voice that the lack of chat was kid of made up for, plus they just played so many songs that you really got you money's worth.
About halfway through they did a sort of acoustic section were Caleb played a couple of songs alone including WALLS which was just beautiful before being joined by the other 3, but they still played quite stripped back. It was so great to see them play acoustically!
My favourite song had to be Closer which I have loved since it came out (and was in an episode of Gossip Girl)! The whole song was amazing from the way Caleb crooned to the lights, it was just amazing!
They of course ended with Use Somebody which had everyone singing along, myself included! 
All in all it was a pretty good gig, and I am still in awe as to how perfect Caleb's voice is!
Have you seen Kings of Leon live? Let me know!
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