Saturday, 4 March 2017

February 2017 Playlist

Hey Guys!

Why is February so short? I feel like I was just doing my January playlist. Yes I am aware that is is now March and this post is late, but still blame the shortness of February for that!!
This month has been a really good month for music with a lot of new releases and comebacks, so there is a really good mix of stuff on the playlist.
Song of the month: My song of the month has to be either the Ariana Grande & John Legend new version of the Beauty & the Beast for the new movie which I am so excited for, or the comeback of Lana Del Rey. I think Lana's new song Love clinches it slightly, but it is a close call.
Album of the month: My album of the month has to be WALLS by Kings of Leon. I got to see them this month (post to come) which was great and this album is so good, I mean Caleb's voice = wow!! My favourite song from the album has to be the title track WALLS, it is just beautiful!
What have you all been listening to this month? Any recommendations are always welcome!
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