Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Comeback Queen

Hey Guys!

So, I went to my first concert of 2017, and it was a goodie, so naturally I had to share!
I have been dreaming about this gig since I was 14 and It has taken 10 years to happen and I couldn't have been happier when Paige said to me and Zoe that JoJo was touring! Yup JoJo of Leave (Get out) fame, going on tour, I mean how could I say no!!
JoJo has recently come back with a new album Mad love not to mention mix tapes etc and I have loved every single one of them, so I was really excited to see her live. The gig was sold out, and yes it is not the biggest venue, but a sold out gig is a big deal. We got there about half an hour before JoJo came on, and I unsurprisingly the crowd was all 20 somethings who had all clearly loved JoJo in their teens. I have never been to a concert where it was all people my age it was really fun to see.
JoJo started with a song from Mad Love, Clovers, before going straight into the classic that is Leave and from the moment she started singing everyone was singing along and dancing, I don't think there was a person in the room that didn't have a smile on there face. It was just such a throwback to here her singing all the classics!
I don't think I appreciated how good her voice was until this gig. She is incredible! Apparently she had a sore throat, but I couldn't tell, she was just incredible. She hit every note and sounded just as good if not better than her albums. She was really funny as well, it was obvious that she was enjoying herself and being back on stage after so long away.
My favourite song was either Music which is such a beautiful song, I am which I love or Save My Soul - although if I am honest I loved every moment, I mean I felt like I was 14 again dancing in my room to Too Little, Too Late again.
I am honestly so glad that JoJo is back, she is so talented and it is a shame that more people aren't aware of it- definitely not a 1 hit wonder!

Were any of you at the JoJo gig? Let me know!! 
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