Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Recap: 2016 Playlist

Hey Guys!

With the start of the new year I figured it was time to look back at the music I loved last year!!
Luckily for me, Spotify has created my 2016 playlist for me, which saves me hours of working out what I've been listening to most this year.
There are so many great songs here that it is impossible to choose a favourite, but I love that Spotify has created this playlist for me.
In terms of albums, I have 2 stand out albums of 2016. We can't really not recap 2016 music and not talk about Beyoncé's Lemonade! The album was amazing, the tour was amazing, she is amazing, it was just one of the best albums of the year! My other favourite was Wild World by Bastille. They are one of my favourite bands and this album did not disappoint, plus Dan has one of the most beautiful voices ever!
What music did you love in 2016? Let me know!
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