Monday, 16 January 2017

Fashion Polaroids Book Club #1

Hey Guys!!

As I mentioned in my goals of 2017 post (here), I wanted to try and read as much as possible this year and I wanted to start a sort of book club. So here I am starting one!
This months book is Talking as fast as I can by Lauren Graham. This book is Lauren's autobiography and talks all about her life and Gilmore Girls the first time round all the way to Gilmore Girls this time round. I am a HUGE Gilmore fan so to read all about the inner workings of the show from Lorelai herself!! Lauren has written it very conversationally so it is really easy to read, it's almost like you are having a conversation her. Obviously she doesn't just talk about Gilmore, she also talks about her family and her career and all other life things. She is really interesting and tells really great stories all about starting out as an actress and her family. 
She talks about her relationship with Peter Krause and all her cast mates on both Gilmore & Parenthood. I had no idea how close her and Mae Whitman, the write scripts together and go to spas, I think it is so fun. She obviously has so much respect and love for Gilmore and Lorelai. The way she writes about it is with such love, when they first got asked about the revival she really wanted it to be perfect. 

I don't always know like autobiographies sometimes because they can be a bit dry and hard to get through, however this one was so easy to read. It was funny and honest, she genuinely comes across as such a lovely human being. I would kind of like to hear this as an audiobook, I think it would be even funnier and a joy to hear her story. All in all I loved this book! 

What have you guys been readying recently? Let me know.
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  1. I just started binge watching the whole of Gilmore Girls over December (and I'm almost finished) and I've fallen in love with Lorelai. I really want to read this book, to find out what Lauren is like in real life - I'm so glad you recommended it!
    Emily xx


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