Friday, 18 November 2016

Hold me in this wild wild world

Hey Guys!

Last week me and Zoe headed to the Hyrdo to see the amazing Bastille on their Wild Wolrd tour, and it was just incredible...I feel like this post is going to have the words amazing and incredible in it A LOT!!
I was so excited to see Bastille, I had never seen them live before but have been a huge fan from the moment I heard their first song, so I couldn't wait for this gig, and I think Zoe was equally excited!

For once we were actually early to a gig, meaning we saw the support...I mean I can't remember th last time I saw a support band.
First up was a band called Childcare, and all I can say was I was confused...the lead singer came out topless in trackies and a pair of formal shoes and then did this weird hip-dancing thing...I didn't really know how I felt about it, but hey you can't like every band.
Luckily, they had not one but two support bands, and the second one were so good! It was Rationale, I hand't really heard any of their stuff before but I was really impressed. The lead sing has this amazingly soulful voice that made you fall a little in love with him, and the songs were really good as well. Definitely a band I had to add to my Spotify playlists.
Throughout the whole show there was what seemed like a news anchor on the big screens and he would introduce the support acts saying they were broadcasting from WWComms or Wild World Communications, essentially Bastille created the sense that you were watching the TV which was a really great concept!
As soon as the band came out me and Zoe could not stop smilling, and dancing and singing, it was just so good! Dan, the lead singer, came across as such a lovely guy and seemed genuinely happy to be there, he just kept saying thank you, which only made me love him even more!
He has the most amazing voice, and every song was just perfect. If I had to pick a favourite I would hve to say it was Oblivion purley because it is one of my absolute favourites from their first album and it was just stunning I said he has an amazing voice!!
What was great was that Dan and the rest of the band really connected with the crowd, and were making jokes, Dan even taking the piss out of his own dancing saying he was the worlds worst dancer...but I'd have to say, I've seen much worse. 
It was just such a great way to spend a Saturday night, during Rythme of the Night, Dan had us all dancing with him and it was almost like you were in a club...except in comfy shoes!!
I have to say it was one of the best live shows I've seen this year. They were so good and we left just feeling so happy!

Are you guys Bastille fans? Have you been to see them recently? Let me know!!
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