Thursday, 28 July 2016

Okay Ladies Now Lets Get In Formation

Hey Guys!

If you remember I recently vlogged from London when me and Paige went to see Beyoncé (it is here if you haven't seen it) but I never really shared any of the concert with you...well that all changes now
We were lucky enough to get tickets to see not one, but two of the Formation, the first in London and the second in Glasgow, and for Glasgow we were not only in the gold circle, but we were also right at the barrier (we kinda knew the best spot to stand after the London show).
We have seen Beyoncé before, but still we were both so excited to see what she would do and how she would perform things, especially from the new album! Her stage was so cool, it was this huge moving cube which was also screens, it was so cool!! She started with Formation and from the moment she got on the stage she was just amazing! I sang along to every song, as did everyone else in the audience.
At one point during All Night she walked right in front of us, you that is Beyoncé's bum!! She was so close to us it was incredible!
She did a whole mix of songs, from the new album right back to the first album, including Me, Myself & I. She also did Irreplaceable & Love on Top acapella, which were both amazing, she pretty much let the crowd sing half of Love on Top it was so good!
I think my favourite was probably Daddy Lessons, which is my favourite off the album, it just sounded incredible live.
The day of the Glasgow concert was days after the Alton Sterling & Philando Castile had both been shot in America, so at the start of Freedom, she held a minutes silence while the names of many black people shot by police were shown on the screen, she then started the song acapella before performing it fully. It was extremely powerful. The performance of Freedom was done in water and looked so cool, she then did Survivor again in the water before finishing the whole show with Halo.
I loved the whole show, she puts on such an amazing performance and is always pitch perfect that I don't think I could ever get bored of watching her perform, she really is amazing!!

Were you guys lucky enough to see any of the Formation Tour? What did you think? Let me know!!
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