Saturday, 18 June 2016

Song of the Week #114 & #115

Hey Guys!

Happy Saturday!! So last week I forgot to do a song of the week so, this week you are getting two!! 
Song of the Week #114
So the first song is i hate u i love you by Gnash featuring Oliva O'Brien and I love it. She has the most amazing voice and the whole song is just really chilled out and lovely. It's not the cheeriest song, but the mix of his rap and her singing really works.
Song of the Week #115
The next song is Gold by Kiiara and is completely different from the Gnash song. It has a really great electro- dancey feel and is really up-beat. I really like her voice as well and how this song is put fact part of this song is actually Kiiara singing backwards, well her singing nrmally but played backwards, which I think is pretty cool!
What do you think of these songs? Let me know!!
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