Sunday, 1 May 2016

Recap: April Playlist

Hey Guys!

Hope you are well today! Sorry I have been kind of rubbish a blogging this week, I have just been so busy!! Anyway, as it is the end of the month it is time for a little musical recap!!
Week 1 = Speeding Cars - Walking On Cars:
I love this guys voice, it is so soothing! I just really love how chilled out this song is, it is just lovely!

Week 2 = One Dance - Drake:
Drake can do no wrong in my eyes and this song id just amazing! I love everything about it!!

Week 3 = Middle - DJ Snake:
This song just makes me want summer to hurry up and get here! It has such a summery chilled out feel to it!!

Week 4 = No Rest - Bonzai:
This girl is just so cool! I lover her voice and this song is so fun, I can't wait to here more from her!!

This month's Album of the Month is Know It All by Alessia Cara. I love this girl so much , she is so cool and she makes really good music!!
Finally, as with every month, here is my Spofity playlist with lost of great stuff on it that I have been also loving this month!!
What music have you guys been loving this month? Let me know!!
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