Sunday, 1 May 2016

My Week in Photos #30

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday!! Hope you have all had a great week! As with all weeks, it is time for my week in photos!!
I spent most of my Sunday listening to Beyoncé's Lemonade which she dropped on Saturday night, it is incredible!! I then went home for dinner with my family to find that my tickets for the Beyoncé show at Hampden had arrived!!
I ended the night sitting on the balcony I have at the flat. I was lovely, it's the first time I've sat out there!!
Monday was a very busy day at work, so when I got home I caught up on some TV and went to bed, nothing really that interesting!!

Another busy day at work, brightened up by seeing someone unicycling home from work! Paige then came round for Papa Johns and Grey's Anatomy, best evening ever!!
I was in a really strange mood on Wednesday so I actually went home to spend some time with my mum after work. It was lovely!

I spent my evening after work on Thursday with my flat mate, eating loads of sweeties and watching more Grey's, I felt like I hadn't seen her in ages!!

Another busy Friday at work, but we did have cake, and I'm not have in till Tuesday due to the bank holiday which is exciting!! After work I headed to Paige's for a night of wine, steak and Beyoncé, what better way to spend a Friday night!
I had a very lazy Saturday, before I headed over to see my family and go out for dinner to this lovely new Thai restaurant that opened this week. The food was amazing!!
What have you guys been up to this week? Let me know!!
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