Sunday, 17 April 2016

My Week in Photos #28

Hey Guys!! 

Happy Sunday!! Hope you've all had a great week, as with every week it's time for my weekly recap in photos, and as always its been a really busy week!
I headed back to the flat after my two weeks cat sitting, and ended up watching QVC just like my mum does. I did also end up buying things, which again is just like my mum, they do say you eventually turn into your mother!! 

Monday was a long and busy day at work, but I made it through by going to Mimi's at lunch tie and getting the biggest slice of red velvet cake possible, it was soooo good!!
My skin has been really bad this week so on Tuesday I thought I would have a sheet mask after work to see if it would help, I don't know if it did, but it was nice at the time!!

Pip, was in the office on Wednesday which meant lots of cuddles, which was lovely but did make me miss my little snuggle buddy a little!!

After work on Thursday I headed out for dinner and drinks with Dominique. We went to a great little place called Smoke Stake and had yummy steaks and cocktails!!
We then went to Treacle where I had the prettiest looking cocktail ever, it also tasted pretty good, before heading home!!
Friday was another busy day at work, but after work I headed to Paige's for Grey's Anatomy. My annual Coachella envy also kicked in as the first day of the festival started and was all over my Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat, I just wanna go so badly!!

On Saturday I spent the day with my mum, we went to get our nails done (blog post to come) and then had a little wander of the shops. We even stubbled upon this cute little market in an old church which had a very pretty tree in it. I then went to the house for my dinner...and to see my snuggle buddy Maus!
And that was my week, told you it was busy!

What have you been up to? Let me know!
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