Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Hey Guys!

A couple of weeks ago me and Paige were lucky enough to be at the Adele concert at the Hydro. I was amazing, and of course I couldn't not share it with you guys!!
We weren't on the ground floor this time, but we didn't mind, we were just happy to be there, we even had wine to celebrate!
We got to our seats and all we could see on the screen was Adele's eyes, with amazing eye make-up. The lights then when down and all you heard was Adele saying Hello, it echoed a couple of times before she appeared and belted out Hello.
Her vocals were incredible. She was pitch perfect, it gave me shivers!! She did a few songs before she actually had a chat with the audience, and her chit chat was almost a whole other show in it's self, she is hilarious!
She was inviting people up on stage and telling jokes, she just came across so well, I have never laughed so much at a concert in my life. This side of the concert really added to it, you felt like she was really happy to be there and it made me enjoy the whole evening more.
One of the best moments was when she performed Make you Feel my Love, she asked us all to put the lights on our phones on and sway them and the whole venue did it, it looked incredible!
My favourite song was either Skyfall, which was incredible or Set Fire to the Rain, which was performed with real rain and looked amazing!!
I can safely say that it was one of the best concerts I have been to. Even though it was in a big venue because she was so chatty and friendly it still felt very intimate, it was great.

As with all gigs I did get a t-shirt opting for this white one that has hello on the front and the number 25 on the back in big numbers, and I love it!
Have you seen Adele before? What did you think? Let me know.
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  1. Ah so envious of your Adele concert experience, sounds like it was a blast. I’ve seen clips of it online and it looked incredible. Thanks for sharing your night, glad you had a nice time! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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