Friday, 8 April 2016


Hey Guys!

I have had a lot of hair colours over the years and I am not afraid to try new ones, I mean I get bored easily. So when the option of mermaid hair came up, how could I say no?!
I have wanted to try the Bleach London products for ages, but just have never found the right time. However, with my roots growing out and the fact that I was getting bored of my blonde, I figured now was a good as ever to try them out.
 I went for the colour Washed up Mermaid but as my roots were growing out I needed to bleach my hair too, so I got the Total Bleach kit which includes the amazing conditioning mask. The hair colour looks really dark in the bottle, but it looks so different in your hair!
 In case you had forgotten what my hair looked like, it looked like this...a mess! I mean look at those roots!!
 Obviously, I could never have managed this myself, so I got Paige to help me. We started off bleaching the darker sections of my hair, mainly the roots. From what I could tell the kit was really easy to use and had great instructions. I sat with the bleach on for about half an hour and was wrapped in some cling film to help it along (apparently it helps). While I waited for the bleach to take I had to have wine and watch Gossip me it is in the instructions!! Once the bleach was done I washed it out with just shampoo, I didn't put conditioner in it as we still needed to put the other colour in.
Paige, then put the Washed up Mermaid colour through my hair and I sat again for about half an hour with that in. I then washed this out and this time used the conditioner that had come with the bleaching kit to help repair the hair and put some softness into my hair! And that was it!
I love how it turned out, I think it looks so cool with all the different tones in it. I still have about half a bottle of dye left so I can dye it again once it starts to fade. Paige also suggested that I mix some of the dye in a travel bottle with some conditioner so that when I washed my hair I could top up the colour a little and the colour will last  a bit longer, which is just a genius idea!!
I am really loving my hair this colour and I have never had hair this soft after dying it. I don't know what it is but my hair just feels amazing!!
What do you think? Would you ever dye your hair like this? Let me know!
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  1. Hi Joanne, This looks amazing, you really really suit it!! I love the colour and it turned out amazing. I love Bleach London and especially their packaging! xoxo


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