Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What Would You Pack?!?

Hey Guys!

This cold weather has got me all fed up and dreaming of a sunshine getaway! The lovely people at HomeAway, who provide beautiful beach rentals in destinations like Puerto Rico, Destin and the Hawaiian Islands, asked me what 5 things were my travel essentials if I could  get away would be, so here they are!
1. iPod/iPhone: 
I couldn't live without it on a holiday! It's great for travelling, especially if like me you hate it, you can block all the sounds out! I can listen to music all day while by the pool and use it to listen to music before going out!

2. Camera: 
I love taking photos on holiday, it's the only really time I get to do it so can't be without.

3. Kindle/reader: 
Again something I love to have in the sun, I can just get lost in a good book and I never seem to find time at home. Plus with an electronic reader I can have so many books!!

4. Ray-bans:
I have an amazing pair of tortoiseshell wayfarers which I take on every holiday! Some styles come and go but Ray-bans are forever.

5. Skin so soft by Avon:
It's the best insect repellent and it makes your skin feel nice, never pack without it!
What would your travel essentials be? Let me know!
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