Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Week in Photos #24

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday!! Hope you have all had a great week and weekend! As it is the end of the week it is my week in photos time!
Sunday was Mother's Day, so I spent my day with at home with my family! I even stayed there on Sunday night.
On Monday, I headed to the dr's first thing for my skin which has gotten really bad on my neck recently, so needed to get more cream or something for it. I was also feeling really fluey as well...not a great day!

In an attempt to make myself feel better, I was up early on Tuesday eating breakfast, which I don't normally do. Sadly, it didn't really work!

Wednesday was spent in bed all day, I was so ill! Although, I did get to watch Pointless which I do love!
Thursday, I was feeling better but still not great, so I was off work again! I did start to feel better later in the day. Even managed to make myself a smoothie to make me feel better.
I was back to work on Friday, although still feeling a bit poorly, but much better than earlier in the work. Ariana Grande, also released her new song Dangerous Woman on Friday, which I love it is so good!
My Friday night was spent watching the first Harry Potter movie for the first time in ages, I'd forgotten how much I loved the movie!!

On Saturday, I felt the healthiest I felt all week, I think my body had just had time to recover better! I spent the day relaxing with more Harry Potter before heading to the movies to see the latest Divergent movie. 
And that has been my week!

What have you been up to this week? Let me know!
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