Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Blow Out at Blow HQ

Hey Guys!

You all know that I love Blow HQ, but now I have another reason to love them...they have officially launched their blow outs making it the only place you need to go to before a night out!!
After two days since my last hair wash it really did need done, so I couldn't wait for my blow dry. I turned up to Blow like this, a hat to hide the bad hair!!
Blow use Redken products, which I have used before and loved, they also have massaging chairs at the wash station, which is the greatest thing ever!! I mean a back massage and a head massage at the same time, what more could you want...by the time my hair was washed I was almost asleep I was that relaxed!
After my hair was all washed, Lisa got to work trying and curling my hair, again using more Redken products. My hair smelt amazing!!
Once it had all been curled, Lisa started backcombing and pining my hair up into a sort of beehive up-do which I loved! Throughout the whole treatment the girls kept offering my more prosecco which was such a lovely treat!
My hair looked amazing, I loved it!! It was just such a lovely treat to be pampered!
Blow pretty much has it all now, I mean get your nails done, then get your hair done while sipping on prosecco, what more could you want?

Have you visited Blow HQ yet? Let me know what you thought!!
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