Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Week in Photos #22

Hey Guys!!

Happy Sunday! Hope you've had a great week! As it is Sunday it's time for my week in photos!!
Sunday was Valentines day and so I spent it with friends!! I started my day speaking to Zoe in Thailand, it was great to catch up. I then headed to Paige's via Cuckoo's Bakery for a Galentines day with her and Samantha, we even got each other cards!!
After Valentines Day we had extra cupcakes, made by Paige, so I took them into work, they were so tasty!!

After a really busy day at work I had a relaxed evening with pizza...again!!

 It was so cold on Wednesday, I was having 2 cups of tea at once! I then headed to Paige's for tacos and Gossip Girl!

 I was so tired on Thursday that I almost fell asleep on the sofa. I was in bed for 10!

 I was still pretty tired on Friday, but hey it was Friday!! After work I headed to the movies with Paige and Samantha to see How to be Single, which was pretty good!
On Saturday it was mother/daughter day! We went and got our nails done before having afternoon tea at the Printing Press, which was very very tasty!
I wasn't feeling that great on Saturday night so I watched Ant & Dec, had a Bailey's and then headed to bed!
And that was my week, very busy!!

What have you been up to? Let me know!
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