Sunday, 7 February 2016

My Week in Photos #20

Hey Guys!!

Happy Sunday! Hope you've had a great week and weekend. As it is Sunday it is time to look back at me week in photos!
On Sunday I had a really sore skin day, so spent it with my cotton gloves on and watching the Taylor Swift 1989 movie concert.
Monday was a very busy day, which meant coffee...a lot of coffee!!

I have really started to my Nespresso machine more this week, even drinking the decaf pods I have!!

After work on Wednesday I headed to Paige's for Tacos and Grease Live, which was so fun!!
 I had a really busy day at work on Thursday which meant I had cheese toasties for dinner, a glass of wine before heading to bed! I was actually in bed before 10...yup I'm wild!!
On Friday I had a very busy night!I was invited to the relaunch of the George Hotel in Edinburgh, and I went with my mum! It was a fun night of free food & wine!!
 There was even an Alice in Wonderland themed photobooth, which we had to have a shot of!
 I stayed at home in Friday night for ease, which meant Maus time!! I then headed home for a bit of blog planning!
That's been my week, very busy!!
What have you all been up to? Let me know! 
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