Sunday, 31 January 2016

My Week in Photos #19

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! Hope you have all had a great week, as it is Sunday it is time for my week in photos, or as it looks like this week in food!
Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, re-watching Grey's Anatomy & eating sweeties!

Monday, I went home to visit the family. My dad has dislocated his shoulder so I wanted to check how he was. Plus going home means I get to see this little cutie!!

I headed to Paige's after work on Tuesday for food and TV! We ended up making our own Pesto Chicken Pizza, it was yummy!!

I made myself a really tasty dinner on Wednesday night, it was pasta with chicken in a creamy white wine sauce. I then introduced Katherine, my flat mate, to Grey's anatomy...think I might have got her addicted to it!!

I was really tired on Thursday night after work, so I had cereal for dinner and an early night!!

On Friday I had to take the bus to work as I had training in town, the bus took forever though! We then had our cute little helper Pip in the office, which is always fun!
On my bus ride home, which took even longer than the trip to work, I discover the Orchestral version of this weeks song of the week Army by Ellie Goulding, which is just stunning!! I then spent the night chilling with Katherine and Grey's Anatomy before bedtime with Pooh Bear!!

Saturday I got a little bit of lie in before my yummy brunch with coffee form my Nespresso! I then spent the day watching all the Hunger Game movies that I have on dvd!
I also spent the day with my hair in fun Rugrat bunches and had a fun earring in which says wifey on it, isn't it just the cutest?!
And that has been my week, and I can say it was very tasty!! 
What have you guys been up to this week? Let me know!
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