Sunday, 17 January 2016

My Week in Photos #17

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! Hope you are all having a lovely evening and had a lovely week. As it is Sunday it is time to look back at the week in pictures.
Sunday was a very quiet day of a little more packing before heading to bed quite early as I had to be up very early for work. Obviously this required a great number of alarms!!
 As I said up very early on Monday, so early the Golden Globes hadn't even meant I got to see all the Globes goss though, J-Law was my fave outfit!!
 I was off to Sheffield for a busy couple of days for work, which I really enjoyed!!
 Only negatives...the really early start meant I was really tired and eating alone is really boring!!
Tuesday was another busy day in Sheffield, it was also super chilly, so a cosy jumper and ugg boots were required!!
I then headed back to Edinburgh via 3 different train stations, it was quite the adventure!!

Wednesday was quite a quiet evening after work. I spent it playing with this little one!
The internet also graced us with this beautiful reunion!!! I couldn't be happier!!
Another quite night after work, I am loving Baileys hot chocolates at the moment, and made myself one before another early night...I sound like a right grandma!!

I had to get the bus on Friday as my car is broken...which is rubbish, but I got this amazing shot of the sky on Friday morning!!

Saturday started with a bit of hide and seek...I won!!
We then headed out as a family for a bit of dinner to celebrate my dads birthday which was lovely! Me and my mum even had cocktails!!
And that has been my week!!
What have you been up to? Let me know!
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