Sunday, 3 January 2016

My Week in Photos #15

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a great week, and a great New Year!! As it is Sunday it is time for my week in photos!!
Sunday was a very lazy day, after all the Christmas excitement! I spent my day with Maus playing with one of her new Christmas to say, it is a hit!!
Monday was another lazy day, it was quite a lazy week to be honest, I did make a start on my new colouring book that I got for my Christmas though!

Me and mum went and got our nails done before heading home for a quiet evening, Me and Maus watered the plants...she's very helpful!!

I headed back to the dr's about my skin on Wednesday, it has really been bothering me. I came home with all the cream you could possibly imagine, it's really not fun!!

Thursday - New Years
On Thursday I found out that I had won the Scottish Blogger of the Year over on Urbanity!! I couldn't be happier, it was such a great way to start of the new years celebrations!!
 We then headed off to a family party to see in 2016! It was a lot of fun...but also very messy!!
New Years Day - The day I died...well not really, but I was so hungover that I actually didn't feel better until about half 1 in the morning when I had to make myself a sandwich of my life though!!
 Sunday was a tidying and organising day, I am moving out later in the month and so I started to organised my packing for that.  I then had a relaxing night, catching up on the new Sherlock, followed by rewatching old Grey's and having an eye was lovely!!
And that was my week, not very exciting I know!!
What have you guys been up to? Let me know!
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