Friday, 8 January 2016

My Blogging Resolutions!!

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all well! As it is the start of the year I have been thinking a lot about resolutions, if I am honest I am rubbish with resolutions, I can never keep them! However, I figured I could make my resolutions blog related so that I would be more likely to want to stick to them, I have even ordered a special blog planner.
1. Be more organised
So I will be the first to say I can be a little disorganised...well a lot! I forget to do a lot of things, and I get sidetracked all the time!! However, this year I aim to be much more organised. I mean it I get so annoyed at myself when I forget to do blog stuff, so I want to get much better organised and remember to do it.
2. Vlog More
I really love vlogging, once you get over the strange looks from passers by and the talking to yourself aspect, it is actually really easy to do. I do have the issue that my life isn't always that interesting I go to work and go home...hence the reason my Vlogmas kinda failed, but I really want to try and have a vlog a little more regularly.

3. Do monthly favourites like I'm supposed to
This is totally related to my lack of organisation. I love watching favourite videos and I love doing them and last year I managed a whole 2, that is bad. I am aiming to get them done every month.
4. Try and blog more regularly
This is again related to my organisation...shocker!!I like to have a post every other day and recently they have been very erratic an I really need to fix this, purely to make me feel a bit better.
Those are just some of the things I want to try and improve on.
Have you got any resolutions? Let me know!
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  1. Where is that blog planner notebook from? So cute! I normally just use my Filofax but would be good to have something separate to keep on my desk :)


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