Thursday, 31 December 2015

Recap: December & 2015 Playlist

Hey Guys!
Can you believe it is not only the end of another month, but the end of another year!! As it is the end of the month it is time for the monthly musical recap, this month there is also not 1, but 2 playlist, aren't you guys lucky!!
Week 1 = Roman Holiday - Halsey:
I am completely in love with Halsey at the moment, her album is amazing!! This song was also kind of me and Paige's holiday song for Rome, for obvious reasons.

Week 2 = All My Friends - Snakehips featuring Tinashe & Chance the Rapper:
I just think this is such a fun song, it is so catchy. I love Tinashe's voice as well, I can't wait to hear more from her as well.

Week 3 = The Feeling - Justin Bieber featuring Halsey:
The love affair with Halsey continues with this song. As does the love affair with the new Justin Bieber album. This is by far my favourite song on the album, their voices work so well together and it is just a brilliant song.

Week 4 = Bloodsport '15 - Raleigh Ritchie:
I love this guys voice, it is so soulful. This song is so catchy, I just can't get it out my head!
There is no surprise really that my Album of the Month has to be Badlands by Halsey, it is just amazing, she is so cool!! 
As with every month here is my December playlist, featuring what could possibly be my new favourite Christmas album...Christmas & Chill by Ariana Grande.
Finally, as it is the end of the year, here is the 2015 playlist. It has all the songs of the week from the year in it! 
What has been your favourite song of the month, and the year? Let me know!
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