Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Week in Photos #14

Hey Guys!

Hope you all had a great Sunday, and Christmas! As it is the end of the week, it's week in photos time!
 Sunday was spent at my Nana's as we don't spend Christmas day with them! My brother and dad couldn't resist getting the Christmas jumpers out!

 After work on Monday I headed to Paige's for Christmas movies, drinks and food with her and Samantha, such a great way to spend a Monday night!!
On Tuesday, I came home to an early Christmas treat, to me from me...I got myself some of the Ellie Goulding Mac collection, and I am in love!!

 Wednesday was Christmas Eve Eve, it was also my work Christmas lunch!
 We headed to Browns in town and had a lovely meal, although I did feel pretty stuffed after it and may have had to go home for a nap!!
 Christmas Eve!! I was in work for a bit of the day, not that I minded, there was chocolate around, before I headed to my friend Dominique's for Christmas drinks and a catch up!!
 Christmas Day was amazing, I spent it at home with my family and my grandparents!!
 Christmas jumpers were the outfits of the day, before we all dressed up nice for dinner a fun with everyone, I even got a selfie with Maus!!!
 We also had our annual Christmas quiz, curated by myself...which was great fun!! All in all a lovely day!!
 On Boxing day, I got up quite late...I mean I was still in my pj's at 3pm!! I then headed to Dominique's for the usual dinner and games with her family!
That was my week!! Did you all have a good Christmas? What did you get up to? Let me know!
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