Sunday, 13 December 2015

My Week in Photos #12

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! Hope you have had a great week, as it is Sunday it is time for my week in photos.
On Sunday we headed for a family brunch at Heller's Kitchen to celebrate my mum's birthday. I love this place it is so tasty!!
I had a very busy day at work on Monday, as it was my first day back. So had to treat myself to some tea cakes, which are one of my favourite treats!

 On Tuesday it was my mum's birthday and although we didn't go out we had a lovely celebration in the house with my grandparents and champagne!
 On Wednesday me and Paige headed to see the Street of Lights on the Royal Mile which is set up for Christmas in Edinburgh. It was really pretty, and the music was great. We then headed to Burgers & Beers for food, which was very tasty!
Thursday was another very busy day at work as always. It was made better by finding out that I have also been shortlisted for Scottish Blogger 2015 by the girls over at Urbanity, you can vote here. We also got our Christmas tree on Thursday!

After getting our Christmas tree on Thursday, we let it drop over night and then decorated it on Friday night. I then had pizza for this first time since I came back from Rome, it was no where near as good.
After diner I headed to the movies to see Christmas with the Coopers, which was really good. I then came home to put an eye mask I got from Sephora on as my eyes were really sore.
 On Saturday me and mum went and got our nails done (monthly mani post to come). We then attempted to do some Christmas shopping.
 We then came home to spend a very chilled out night with the family including Thai food and our little Christmas elf playing in the tree.
That has been my week, very busy and festive. 
What have you been up to? Let me know!
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