Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Week In Photos #11

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday, hope you have all had a lovely week and weekend! As it is Sunday it is time for my week in photos....featuring A LOT of Rome!
Sunday was very lazy, I spent my time avoiding packing and watching the tennis!
Monday was spent on airplanes & in airports as me and Paige headed to Rome! When we finally got there it was quite late so it was an early night before a day of exploring.
Tuesday started early...but it was all for a good cause, Adele tickets, which we did get!! We then headed out for an explore of Rome.
 We went to the Vatican City and had a tour which was amazing, we saw so much!
I was vlogging all week (vlog here) and Paige managed to catch me in the act. We then went for an explore and found the cutest coffee shop. We then headed back to our hotel before dinner!
 On Wednesday we headed for another explore, this time to the colosseum, which was incredible!
 We then had a little walk around the area, getting ice cream and coffee at the Lindt store in Rome.
 Thursday was our shopping day, we did some serious damage in Sephora, Kiko & Brandy Melville.
We also went our for dinner and had the most amazing lasagna, before a little walk to get Pimms cocktails!
Finally, we headed back to the hotel early for sheet masks & elf followed by an early night!
Saturday was spent travelling again and I didn't actually take any photos!

Saturday was very chilled out, I didn't actually get out my pj's till about 2! But it was just as well as the weather was horrible!
 I got to spend some time with my little sunggle buddy, I had missed her while I was away!!
And that is my week, it was very busy indeed!

What have you all been up to? Let me know!
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  1. Rome looks gorgeous - I certainly wouldn't mind 13 degrees at the moment! <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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